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AI·Machine Vision Startup 'SUALAB' Wins Innovator Awards 2017
2017-05-26  |  Vision Systems Design



SuaLab has announced that it received the platinum, winner for ‘Innovator Awards’ from Vision Systems Design, during the Automate 2017, held in Chicago, IL, USA.

This ceremony was held at Automate 2017, the world's most extensive automation conference, featuring robots, artificial intelligence(AI), machine vision, motion control and other advanced automation technologies. The Vision Systems Design has selected the most influential global conferences such as The Vision show, Automate for its awards ceremony.

Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards recognize brands and companies that have performed outstandingly innovative in the machine vision and image processing industry. It has fairly screened for companies that are driving innovation based on originality, innovation, user impact, marketability, and productivity.

In particular, SUALAB was recognized for its first commercial introduction of AI Deep Learning technology in the machine vision field and commercialization of real-time inspection in high-speed manufacturing lines. Last year, Texas Instruments (TI), a US semiconductor company, and FANUC, one of the best in the industrial robots, won gold and bronze medals.

Moon Tae Yeon, CSO of SUALAB said "When we attended the Vision Show 2016 as one of Global Top 8 Startups in the Machine Vision category, I met the winners of the Innovator Awards.” and added “We are very pleased that the global awards and the industry has recognized our remarkable growths and potential. We will keep stepping our way as the pioneer in the AI and machine vision industry.”

SUALAB is a solution provider based on three core technologies of artificial intelligence, machine vision and supercomputing, which provides unmanned inspection solutions and smart factory solutions for textile, leather and steel fields that are difficult to be inspected by existing machine vision technology. Based on the unique artificial intelligence technology of SUALAB, SUALAB have commercialized solutions for various manufacturers such as Samsung, POSCO, Kolon and Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation and recognized as one of the world's largest Machine Vision Society (AIA) Global Top 8 start-ups. Based on the mission of ‘SUALAB values time through artificial intelligence’, we are raising awareness in the global artificial intelligence market. For more information, please visit SUALAB website (www.sualab.com).
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