Smart Factory Solution

SUALAB offers unprecedented value-add in the field of Deep Learning automatic defect inspection and classification,

which has not been realized by any existing technology. Major applicable industries include textile, leather, printing, PCB,

solar cell, battery and steel.

    • Textile

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    • We provide the world’s first

      commercialized solution of automated

      unmanned textile inspection built on AI


    • Solar Cell

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    • Our deep learning technology provides

      unmanned automation solutions for

      defect analysis and classification of

      electro-luminescence (EL) images.

    • Leather

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    • We provide an all-in-one AI solution

      that performs everything from

      inspection to cutting for leather, tasks

      that were not possible before due to the

      surface complexity of the leather

    • Battery

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    • We provide a solution to perform AI

      automation detection for defects that

      are currently being missed by

      conventional optical inspections, such

      as foreign matter in secondary batteries.

    • Printing

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    • AI and super-computing technologies

      provide automated inspection solutions

      for a printing industry with more

      efficient production speeds.

    • Camera Module

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    • Among the types of external defects in the

      mobile phone camera module are some defects

      that are challenging to detect using current

      machine-vision algorithms. We provide a

      solution that can test even those difficult-to-

      identify defect types.

    • PCB

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    • We provide a solution that automates

      the visual inspection of the PCB

      exterior through deep learning technology.