TAS Printing Machine Inline


Product Description

80% of printing factory defects occur in printing machines, and often

the same defects occur repeatedly. The TAS printing machine inline,

which is installed on top of the printing machine and sounds an alarm

upon detection of defects, is an AI-based inspection solution that ena

bles detection of the cause of defects early in the process.

Common Applicable Defects

Spots, adhesive penetration, discoloration, contamination, etc.

Benefits – payback 360days



Reduction in defect

rate due to early


The solution enables detection and correction of defects early in the printing process.

This reduces the number of defects and ultimately improves the quality of the product.

It also can prevent incurring costs related to outsourcing re-inspections and product returns.

Human capital



Automatic inspection is performed in real time, thereby minimizing the need for manpower

in the process when operating the printing machine.

This ultimately results in more efficiently managed inspections.



Enables real-time total inspection

Changes to the existing facilities and work lines are unnecessary

In case of failure detection, the alarm function allows the operator to take action immediately.

Defective detection levels can be adjusted (A,B,C) so as to avoid unnecessary inspections of certain levels of defects

Artificial intelligence enables self-optimization even if the product type or defect criteria change

The solution can detect not only the presence of defects but also the types of defects,

contributing to improvement of the overall process

The solution can provide inspection on a variety of complex images.


If the machine automatically detects a defect, wouldn’t it result in too many detections?

No. You can set the detection class (A, B, C) for each textile type. For instance,

you can assign an “A” grade for the textile that needs to be relatively more strict about catching defects,

and a “C” for the types that can afford to be less stringent. In addition, the SUALAB AI technology does not repeat

the same mistake as long as there is a simple input from the operator at the start of the test. Ultimately,

the solution operates with detection standards that are as solid as would be had by a human inspector.

Is there a limit on the types of textile that can be inspected?

There is no limit.

TAS combines artificial intelligence algorithms (Deep Learning) with existing machine vision methods to inspect defects

in all types of textile including dyed, watercolor, knit and woven.

Do I need to make any changes to my existing processes if I were to install TAS?

You do not.

TAS is installed on existing production equipment, such as printing machines and tenter machines.

It enables real-time inspection while maintaining the appropriate process speeds.




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